The Wares are Moving to Minneapolis

It’s been about a year since our last post here, so it must be a life-changing event that is motivating me to post here. After many many years in Oregon, we are moving to Minneapolis at the end of this month. Why?

Well, SwellPath is opening a new branch in Minneapolis, so I’ll be heading out there to spearhead that and help put our best foot forward in the midwest. I’ll still be out in Portland a couple weeks each month though, staying in close contact with clients on the West Coast, and our awesome team out here.

Of course Gina and I are also seizing this as a big opportunity to be closer to family, and give the kids a chance to experience the midwest lifestyle Gina and I grew up with. We love Portland, love Oregon, and are really going to miss a lot of things about living out here. We’re especially going to miss all our friends and family that are out here. This was a very tough decision for us.

That being said, we are also totally excited about it! If you’re out that way, come visit us in Minnetonka anytime!

We’re having a going away party for the family at Laurelwood Pub on 3/16 ( – please come by if you can!


The Wares Are Still Wherever

Despite the fact that we haven’t published a post since Francie’s birth, we still exist! We’re heavy Instagram users now, so you can check out Gina’s feed and my feed for plenty of pictures of the kids and all other aspects of our lives. Here’s video of the kids sledding recently:

We’re all doing really well. Francie is 8 months old and quite a rug-rat. Already way more mobile then her siblings were at this age. Ozzie is crazy, cute, hilarious, destructive, sweet. All of it. Rohm is super smart, runs the show at the house, and is having a great time in school. This might inspire Gina to write a more detailed account of their lives sometime soon – but that’s all you’re getting from me. Hope all our family and friends far and wide are doing very well. Lots of love from the Wares.

May Days 2012

Hey everyone, before we add #3 to the mix, I thought I’d post a couple videos of Thing 1 and Thing 2. Here are the kids at the beach yesterday; showing that they are true Oregonians, running in 54 degree water. And another video of them just being kids. Hope everyone is enjoying Memorial Day weekend.